My Story


My name is Daniela Lazovska!

That’s me!


Thanks for stopping by and welcome!

Nice to meet you!

I work with businesses that don’t understand visual marketing and Pinterest.

I show businesses how Pinterest works.

I help businesses find their visual side and get exactly what they want (more visibility, brand awareness, traffic and sales).

I build kick-ass Pinterest accounts for businesses ready to grow their online presence, make their dreams come true and attract the perfect clients.

How many times have you heard someone say “Pinterest doesn’t work!”

I’ve got great news: Pinterest works for all types of businesses.

The vision

I exist to teach and inspire small business owners and bloggers to find the visual side of their business. I’m here to teach you visual marketing tips and tricks mixed with Pinterest and Instagram hacks. I’m not a graphic designer but I know how to use Canva, PicMonkey, Fotor and other tools so you can expect image creation and editing tips as well. I’m here to

  • help you do big and beautiful things with your business online and
  •  help you unlock the potential of the visual side of your biz.

The mission 

My mission is to show skeptical small business owners and marketers that platforms like Pinterest and Instagram and visual marketing are not scary things and that you can build the business of your dreams using visuals.

Featured here:

Social Media Examiner

Business 2 Community
Lori Taylor
Luis Maram

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